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Property Insights Conference @ Home Virtual Series: Day 2

About this Event


11:00am - 11:05am ET / Opening Remarks by our 2020 Conference Chair

  • Erik Nikodem, SVP & Global Head of Property, Everest Insurance Company

11:05am - 11:50am ET / The Effects of the Hard Market on Buyers

The property insurance marketplace has been steadily firming since late 2017, with a harder market now evident across many lines of business. With added stress factors from the pandemic and civil commotion, risk managers face new challenges as they head into their property renewals. Effective communication with insurance partners is more important than ever. How has the pandemic affected exposures and marketplace relationships? With hard-to-place business flowing into the E&S market, how are underwriting and submissions changing? How can insurers, brokers, buyers, and lenders work together to find common ground?  What are the underlying drivers influencing the market and when might these challenges abate?

  • Erik Nikodem, SVP & Global Head of Property, Everest Insurance Company [Moderator]
  • Stephanie Hyde, Insurance and Risk Management Consulting - Real Assets & Private Equity, PE-Risk
  • Theresa Purcell, Director of Risk Management, Kushner
  • Lori Seidenberg, Global Director of Real Assets Insurance, BlackRock

11:50am-11:56am Shop Talk sponsored by FM Global

The interview, led by a Pulitzer-nominated journalist speaking with FM Global executive vice president Bret Ahnell, will examine the top three risks for companies that choose not to invest in resilience, what are the best risk mitigation practices business executives can take despite the distractions of the pandemic to address their property-related threats, and what's the persuasive argument for resilience when internal groups in an organization are also competing for finite capital allocation for fiscal year 2021.

  • Bret Ahnell, Executive Vice President, FM Global

11:56am - 12:30pm Presentation of Advisen's Property Insurance Leadership Award

This prestigious award recognizes an outstanding individual who is a property liability coverage expert, innovator, leader, and mentor. The recipient is determined by the industry thought-leaders who comprise this year's Conference Advisory Board.

About the Speakers

Erik Nikodem
Stephanie Hyde
Theresa Purcell
Lori Seidenberg